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Thank you so much for making the party such a success! Everyone commented on how brilliant you were with all the kids and this year I actually managed to chat to the grown ups!! You did such a good job - thank you.
Justine Spiegelberg, Battersea

My daughter's party ran like a dream. From the minute she walked through the door the kids couldn't wait to see what was going to happen next. Happy kids and stress free parents who could ask for more!
Hannah Lyttle, Sydenham

You were brilliant at keeping the kids focused and I don't know how you manage to maintain your energy levels for the two hours! Everyone had a fabulous time and loved the pirate and princess face painting. Campbell and Asta have only just got to their party bags and really enjoyed the little presents you so thoughtfully included.
Kate Stoner, Earlsfield

You were really wonderful for Hazey. She was begging for her seventh birthday to come around sooner! I will hand out your flyers religiously.
Sebastian Dovey, Streatham

Thank you very much for your hard work last Saturday. I know it's not easy to deal with those energetic kids but still you remain composed and calm. Dylan had so much fun and for sure he will never forget how we celebrated his 6th birthday.
Ronalee Comia, Tooting

Lizzie loved the party and the best bit of her day was 'big Elsa'! You may find that you get some business from some of the other guests as everyone was impressed.
Rebecca Rose, Balham

A huge thank you to Jennifer for her amazing job today! She handled all the children (who did their best to keep her on her toes) brilliantly. Tommy had a wonderful time and has spent the evening telling me stories about his magic tricks and telling me how much he likes being a tiger (his face paint is great).
Kristina Giles, Tooting

We loved it, thank you so so much. Leaflets were handed out and literally everyone said how amazing you were thank you so much.
Emma Hewes, Earlsfield

Pirate Jen was great thanks, she kept all the children engaged for the whole party and showed energy and enthusiasm I didn't know people had. I really appreciated your professional organisation.
Paula Thomas, Putney

A huge thank you for all that you did yesterday, it was fantastic. The children seemed to be having so much fun and it was a great day for everyone all round.
Lisa Edwards, Balham