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Planning Your Party

Getting it just right...

Each child is unique and has different likes and dislikes. At Pepper Pot Parties we are confident that we can work with you to get it just right. Below are some examples of the types of party packages we can offer. Whether you have a particular theme in mind or require a more traditional party, we can adapt any party to suit your needs.

Usually the party will be 2 hours in length with a short break in the middle for food and drink. During that break the entertainer can do simple face-painting or paint tattoos on the children.

If you are expecting more than 25 kids at your party we suggest that we send along two of our fabulous entertainers to make sure the kids get the best out of the party. Feel free to contact us to discuss the great two entertainer options we can offer.

Be assured that all entertainers have full public liability insurance.

Traditional Party

This is a fun-packed party full of all the traditional games and entertainment children know and love. From the moment they arrive they will be immersed in a mixture of music, dancing, magic, prizes, balloons, puppets, competitions, games, stories, pass the parcel and more!

Dance Party

If your child loves to boogie then this package is perfect. Simply tell us their favourite dance style or favourite track and we will choreograph and teach a short tailor-made dance routine that they can learn, perfect and then put on their own mini show at the end for the parents. Don't worry though, we will also throw in plenty of games, prizes and competitions to keep these dancers on their toes! Some examples of dance party styles include: bollywood, street dance, ballet, hip-hop, musical theatre, cheerleading, line dancing and Abba but we have many more up our sleeves too!

Themed Party

Dressing up is what kids do best, so why not let us throw them a party in their favourite style! Whether they love to be fairies, pirates, cheerleaders or superheroes, we will adapt all games and activities to your theme and create a party to remember. Our entertainer will even join in the dressing up fun and dress to suit your chosen theme to make your child's day even more special. Some popular themes include Disney, princes/princesses, pirates, fairies, wild west, superheroes, High School Musical, Glee, and Mamma Mia. But if you have something else in mind then just get creative, let us know your ideas, and we will design the perfect themed party for you.